My Writing Life.

This is an image of writer Kate Llewellyn.

She was the one who inspired my writing life. She has just received an Order of Australia for services to literature.

Although I had degrees in literature and had been an English teacher, I had never really thought that I should write seriously.

Then one year I thought…this is it. The year for me. just ME.

So I enrolled in a Continuing Education course at Sydney Uni, my old alma mater. It was a Creative Writing course with writer Kate Llewellyn, pictured above.

The group comprised men and women from all walks of life all trying to find joy in words and to fire up their imagination.

Kate took us through various exercises and I remember thinking, where do they get this stuff from? Do they just make it up? I was stuck in relating real life memories and it took a while till I could free my imagination and tell tall tales!

I took a few of Kate’s courses , then  drifted into freelance journalism writing for many magazines and papers. But in my spare time I was scribbling and joining a writers group, sharing tales of rural life.

When my grandchildren were born, I rediscovered kid lit and the joy of Picture Books.

I created a Picture book for each of them, with photos not illustrations and I researched this world thoroughly following awards and  winners,  attending conferences, learning how to pitch and present a manuscript.

Then came years of submitting and editing and finally my debut Picture Book, ‘Buster follows his Nose,’ was published  by Little Pink Dog Books.

It has brought me great joy and a sense of  pride as I travel around schools and libraries and share my story with children.

Thanks Kate and all the other writers who have inspired and encouraged me over the years..