A Day in the life of a farmer after the rain

I’ll take you on a quick tour .

We are just moving the weaners onto new feed.

The irony now is we do not have enough cattle to eat all the grass!

The dogs help us shift them quickly, as the road paddock is full of juicy clover, and the young cattle may blow if they chomp it down.

We drive ahead to open gates and then check creek crossings.

With the last heavy rain, one gully at the north has obviously run with a lot of force ; it’s dry now but some interesting features left, like the hideout made of branches. The grand kids would love to play in there!

There is some repairing to be done but hopefully the cattle will be content to stay and eat and not roam too far.

Back closer to home, the barley that has just been planted is poking up out of the ground and if the promised rain arrives this week, it will take off.

Life is good!.