A Day in the Life of….

Another day of life on the farm in a drought.


  • up at 6am. Load two utes with large bales of hay.


  • Bounce across stony paddocks, cut the twine and rip off sections to leave piles like Hansel and Gretel trails.


  • Check the trough; a cow is wedged against the inlet pipe and has cracked it. She has emptied two tanks! Not a good start.


  • Unload ute two and drive back to the shed, and re-load utes.


  • Husband heads off to sort out the water.


  • Cup of tea re-heated.


  • Pay a few bills on line.


  • Auction bid by phone for a small block north of here that has grass and where it rains! We are unsuccessful.


  • Drive to town to get vet supplies as many calves have ‘pink eye’ and need treatment.


  • Set a trap near the hay shed as it is obvious that a mob of feral pigs have been very busy at night.


  •  Lunch, then when it is cooler, off to feed all the calves in the yards. They have been taken off their mothers and we have a special feeding regime to manage with grain and hay and pellets.


  • Our kelpie helps me muster the chooks back. The old girl died yesterday so now there are two.


  • Husband goes off again to make sure tanks are re-filling. He will do this again at 10pm.


  • News time ; hardly able to watch the weather forecast.


  •  Feed the dog who has been sleeping most of afternoon on the small patch of green lawn.


  • Still 35 degrees.


  • Outside I can see an old roo loping towards my garden and three large hares scurrying into the hedges. An owl calls. From the pond the frogs are silent.