A is for Almonds and B is for Bee

We have bees buzzing around our garden although we are in drought mode.

They find the ornamental grape and the lavender flowers. We even have a bee hotel in our courtyard for native bees.

Out in the paddock we often find masses of bees in the cattle troughs, sadly drowned.

Today as we checked water, we saw a mass of bees flying around the small puddles that had appeared near a leaky joiner. It was easy for them to have a sip.

On the ABC Landline programme today it was all about bees as pollinators.

Beekeepers truck hundreds of hives interstate to the almond orchards near Mildura.

They are paid about $100 per hive and the bees are vital for the pollination of the acres of almond trees.

As companies plant larger and larger orchards, there may not be enough bees to complete the task.

We need the next generation to become obsessed with keeping bees.