Another Day in the Life of a Grazier

Well, not a whole day this time. More like half a day. But on a Sunday. At least it was a bit warmer than Saturday, with no frost but the temperature and the weather is not good. We have had no decent rain for ages and only 3mm for the month of July.

So plans have to be made, because the feed is running out; the native grasses have been trimmed back and the paddocks of oats have already been used. There are two left.

One of these is about 6km away where we have another block called Coulsons where we keep about 100 cows. They have been joined by 70 weaner heifers that we trucked across from Webimble but they have just about exhausted the oats paddock and need to be moved.

David checks the water tank first; the indicator says it is half full but the pipe is stuck and the tank is nearly empty. It really is time to move them. We open up the gates; the cattle will find their way through to the new feed quickly when they come to the trough to drink this afternoon.

We drive across the paddock, open a few gates and rumble across the creek over the rattle of river stones, then swing around to the pump.

The creek and waterhole are both crystal clear and even in the height of a drought, we always have good water. The creek has carp and eels and a few turtles. In summer it is a favourite swimming hole for the locals who know about it.

David primes the pump and it starts straight away. That does not always happen!

We retrace our steps. The cattle are unconcerned by our presence and have their heads down eating, enjoying the winter sunshine.

We lock the gates which front the main road. We have a lot of trouble with shooters who trespass, cut our fences and leave gates open, scattering our herd. But we have a good Neighbourhood Watch group who always ring if they see a strange ute or lights racing across our hills.

Returning home, we fix a flat tyre on the bike, start the tractor and take out some hay to the weaners in the yards, then come inside for a cuppa.

Monday is another day.