Nature is amazing.

At the same time each year, early January, the paddocks are dotted with luminous patches of white blossom.

The Angophora floribundas are flowering! Heavy sweet bunches hang from the trees and the bees have a feast.

Last summer, fires ranged up and down the coast and many beekeepers lost their hives.

On the Dorrigo Plateau, a beekeeper has set his boxes on the hills and closer to home, Dave has purchased some new queens for his flow hives.

There is abundant water and flowers for the bees this season.

Bees are busy swarming and finding new sources of food.

Even in the local town I discover some street art celebrating this amazing creature. In a city garden I find bees too, busy collecting pollen and nectar from the blue hydrangeas.


Let’s hope this year is kinder to the bees and all the creatures that inhabit our land.