Blue Hills

It’s Sunday morning and we are heading for the hills.

We live in a valley surrounded by our own blue hills, layers of different blues that change as the sun moves across the sky.

‘Blue Hills’, created and written by Gwen Meredith, was an Australian radio serial about the lives of families, set in a fictional typical Australian country town. It ran on ABC radio, from 1949-1976 and women absorbed the listening of the serial into the routine of their daily lives.

Today we set off for the furthest paddocks to check water and the cows. It is going to be 38 degrees. We have the radio tuned to the local FM station.

The landscape is radically different from just a year ago, when the paddocks were dry and brown  and there was not a blade of green grass.

Today the drought has broken and we have had great rain, which does not just mean heaps of feed, but jungles of weeds especially the saffron thistle with its daggers that seek you out.

We wind up the windows and rattle along.

We find the cows and some new calves as they group around the trough and in the shade of the trees.

Their coats are black and shiny…they are in good health.

We reach the far yards and spot a goanna having a swim and a drink at one of the troughs.

We check all the tanks and troughs for leaks and any sign of the feral pigs that eat poly pipe, then rumble back home to a cool fan and a long drink.

You are most welcome to join us again next Sunday.