Book Clubs

I belong to an amazing book club in the country and I have written about it before.

But in these dry and testing times, a gathering of like minded women can be a healing event.

We met on a country property where the hostess had no flowers to put in a vase and outside, just bare paddocks growing dirt and stones. They are also in strife with water, so we all had to be careful not to waste any water and even avoid too much flushing! Not the issues affecting a city book group. Many of the women are farmers or croppers and also in drought, but sharing the burden and cups of tea helps.

Our discussion was lively and inspiring, with lots of laughter and applause. We cherished the poetic and lyrical gems from David Malouf’s book ‘Ransom’ and also giggled at the satire in Randolph Stow’s ‘Midnite,’ about a young bushranger who was not too bright. We even had an anecdote from the past about a great great grandfather who was held up by bushrangers but had his wallet returned, empty.

As I drove home, past the litter of road kill and too many dead roos, my heart was a bit lighter even though as I rumbled over my dry creek crossing, the sight of desolate paddocks still greeted me.