As a prelude to the Scone Literary Festival, there were book-ended sessions at the Scone Library. Jess Black presented a session for pre-schoolers at one end of the library, while Kirrili Lonergan and Lynn Jenkins were at the other with their puppets and singing bowl.

Jess is the author of over 30 junior fiction books and two picture books, one called Moon Dance which is a popular item in the library. The children enthusiastically danced with Jess pretending to be various animals that feature in the book, though it was a bit tricky to waltz with a crocodile.

The children were given a preview of her latest book called Bold Australian Girl and she held the kids entranced as she read the story. This delightful picture book encourages girls to do anything. It focuses on a nurturing relationship between a young indigenous girl and her mum, and celebrates everything from football to friendship, reading to surfing.

Jess is a woman of many talents and as well as being an author she also runs writing workshops for primary age children This she did after the library session, with a group of children from Scone Grammar School and it went well…’very much my sweet spot…years 4-6’, Jess said.