Books in Homes….Denman Children’s Centre

Today as a Role Model for Books in Homes, I set off cross country to one of my local country towns, Denman, about 100kms from our farm.

I chose the safe sealed route via Gungal and Sandy Hollow, as we have had some heavy rain.

I have been to the local primary school before but not the pre-school.

It looked very busy as I pulled up, lots of parents and cardboard rabbit hats.

It was, as it happened the first time parents had been allowed on the grounds (post Covid) so of course, the kids were in a state of high excitement…and there were a few tears as some parents left. They were soon cheered by an egg hunt and the distribution of two small eggs for all.

Then it was time for the presentation of the large black sacks with their special chosen books.

I was glad I did not have to pronounce all the unfamiliar names!

The kids were very sweet, 3-4 year olds mostly and many managed a polite thank you and some very big smiles.

I took a few photos and was pleased to see many titles and authors I was familiar with! Like Penny Morrison!

I bravely returned home on the alternative unsealed road, over two fords, past Gossips Grid, Ridgelands and into my small township of Bunnan.

It is good to see how enthusiastic and grateful the centres are to receive such gifts for the children.

Has to be the best start in life, to spread the love of reading.