Bring on the dancing girls…

My writing group, Warrah Writers was formed in 2001 and since then, the group has expanded and developed. We now have a core group of about 13 and we meet each month in the old Warrah Hall.

The hall sits in a paddock surrounded by the Liverpool Ranges, a solitary building that has seen many local weddings, birthdays, fund raisers, concerts and book launches. Outside in the front yard is a wonky old dunny that has a certain rustic charm.

Our meetings are a time to reflect and be inspired as we listen to each others stories and share a cup of tea. We are not, as others are a critique group and only a few have dreams of any sort of publication, but we all love words and sharing our stories. We laugh, cry and are transported…such cathartic experiences.

This week was our end of year meeting and of course it had a Christmas theme, as well being a birthday celebration for one of our dear members. Everyone contributed something.

Two bushies, Rick and Bill, who have seen it all, regaled us with tall tales and true as well as a number of jokes and a fine poem about friendship. Then we had a reading from ‘The Grass Harp’ with its lyrical images, including ‘warm as a cows tongue’,  a poem about regret and loss, a very funny poem about memory loss, a memoir piece and a story about salt water crocs in the dam. This was followed by a children’s story ‘Big Wolf and Little Wolf’, also about friendship and a few thought it was a bedtime story and started to drop off.

And then…on came the dancing girls. We were treated to a live performance of Middle Eastern dance, complete with sparkling costumes and jingly bells draped round the hips, performed and choreographed by Glenda and Judy. I really don’t think that any writing groups in the cities could offer this exotic flavour!

Then it was time to leave, trek across the hills to our various abodes, our farms or our homes in small villages. We gazed at the sparse feed and unrelenting blue sky, and as is often the case, hoped for rain to refresh our souls and spirits.