Can I write THE END?

In 2017 I began a Drought Diary…just in a spiral notebook.

I also blogged often on my and on my FB page.

Now in February 2020 after more than 3 years of drought, I hope I can write THE END.

In January we had nearly 100mls of wonderful rain ; in 2019 we had 10.5 mls.

In February so far we have had 47mls and more is on the way. Last year we had 5mls.

Today I heard on the news that a fire on the south coast of NSW has at last been put out by heavy rain.

The two weather/climate events finally collide and instead of the RFS working frantically., now the SES are pulling cars out of flooded roads.

What a country!

Perhaps this drought has run its course and we can once again rejoice in the beauty of our land.

My young grand daughter emailed me yesterday hoping that our farm goes green again soon.

And it certainly is heading that way.

This image on the left was taken yesterday of our land looking over to the Liverpool Ranges.