Core of my Heart

I recently wrote a blog titled ‘My Watery Life’,  about our experience of living through a long drought in the country.

On Tuesday I attended a Masterclass as part of the SCWBI Sydney conference (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators).

Before the class I was able to slip upstairs at the State Library to an amazing exhibition by UNESCO of original photos and documents from various sources.

I could hear an audio in the background so headed there.

It was the voice of Dorothea Mackellar reading ‘Core of My Heart’. Her original handwritten text was on display as well as a charming photo of her taken in 1918.

I reflected on the ‘droughts and flooding rains’, an image still so relevant in this crazy country.

Serendipitously , the day before I had spoken to Libby Hathorn who has worked tirelessly to restore the graveyard site of Dorothea at Waverley Cemetery and create a wonderful memorial to this great poet.

Go and see this exhibition at the State Library if you can and delight in the hand written words scratched in a small note book, words that have become an anthem for this wide brown land.