Creative Writing Awards or CWA.

I belong to an online creative writing group called Scribbles.

For the second year, they ran a writing competition and I entered a story for children as well as a Picture Book manuscript.

My Junior fiction entry was new territory for me. I played with the form of a fairy tale and added elements of magic realism. This story ‘The Bird, the Bear and the Book’ was short listed and then received a Highly Commended Award.

The judges were Judith Rossell, Gus Gordon, Michelle Madden and Lucinda Gifford.

Their comments are below:

Judges’ Comments: 

The Bird, the Bear and the Book

An engaging, page-turning story that does a nice job of enveloping the reader into its particularly visual, dream-like world.

This is a beautifully told nearly-fairytale with a strong voice. The lovely, clear writing deftly captures the setting and atmosphere. At the beginning, you could get into the action even more quickly. But overall this gentle, fun story of spiritual awakening is authentic and original, and the quirky chapter titles and lively detail bring it to the next level.

Some lovely images and language.

 Love the old-fashioned chapter heads and the call to write at the end. A nicely realised and appealing world that young girls will be sure to enjoy.

 Such great feedback… Thanks Jen and the Girl and Duck team.