#Day 266

It’s day 266 of the drought of 2018. Sunday.

We load up the utes and head off to feed the first herd of cows and calves.

All of them are massed around the trough area. On no. Does not auger well!

But they chase us as we drive on and begin shovelling out the cotton seed and unloading the hay.

They are pretty desperate as we only gave them half rations yesterday as we had to drive down and back to Sydney. The young calves here are very keen and they push in to grab some feed, dodging the mothers who butt them out of the way. Undeterred they find another pile.

We head off to  check the trough. Perfectly fine!

They were just having a mass protest at the food supply!

We load up again and drive to the next herd, past one dead wombat and five roos on the road. The cows play follow the leader, chasing the ute.

They munch happily and the calves are sent off by the mums to wait at the trough and most of them do.

They all look quite healthy and content.

We start the pump and check the water levels. We are very lucky that this paddock has a large permanent waterhole which has dropped a bit but is still the only water anywhere at the moment. We rattle back home, just catching sight of a huge wedge tailed eagle feasting on some of the road kill. We wave to our neighbour who has just sold his place and see that his clearing sale yesterday was very successful, only a few silos left.

Back home in the calf yard, we see that just like kids, the calves love an adventure playground. We have scooped up a lot of the old hay and muck and made a hillock; the calves perch on the top playing ‘I’m the King of the Castle’ or run up and down  with great glee.

Time for lunch, Landline and the BOM weather forecast! Ever hopeful that we will soon see the end of these days.