It’s as dry as a chip.

Basically no water from above, none in the ground and none below.

No rain since March and none on the horizon.

But we farmers are an optimistic lot.

We are cheered by the sight of the brilliant king parrots in the trees.

They’re a sign of rain.

Or a line of ants beavering across the kitchen bench, another sign.

Or I heard today, if you see a green branch fall that is a sure sign!

Others say that if cows lie down it will rain in three days, or that a lizard facing north on a fence-post is another sign.

There are signs of drought conditions right outside my back door.

A large grey roo has taken up residence on my lawn, nibbling at the clover and sipping from my pond. And in the paddocks, huge numbers of roos and wild pigs are feasting on the last of our crops.

As usual, today the sky is clear and blue and worryingly, we saw that in sections the creek levels have dropped dramatically. No waterholes, just muddy patches.

On the other side of the world, whole regions are drowning in floods and cyclonic conditions. We just need the globe to be tipped slightly in our direction to even up the atmospheric conditions.

Or our next challenge will be the arrival of summer and the threat of bush fires racing through the dry crackling grass.