Droughts and Flooding Rains

It is Australia Day 2020.

We have been in drought for more than three years.

We have been hand feeding cattle for the past year as we have had little rain and there is no feed left in the paddocks.

The tufts that are left are nibbled by the roos.

It is unrelenting work, carting bales of hay to the cows and them feeding a special diet to all the weaners in the yards.

Our last rain was nearly a year ago and the creek ran.

Last night a violent storm centred above us and we were astonished to find this morning that amidst the thunder and lightning, we had 65 mls .

The creek is running with brown muddy water.

It will be some time till we see green growth but it is a great start!

Dorothea Mackellar knew about the vagaries of our climate…the droughts and flooding rains.

But she did not know that we have experienced a 2 degree rise in average temperature or that in the past year we have broken all existing records.

It is time for strong action on the reality of climate change.