Eagles Tales

We are blessed in having quite a few wedge tailed eagles soaring in the skies above our property.

Of course the recent mouse plague has been a god send for them!

After the latest flood, Dave 1 and 2 were inspecting the destroyed creek crossings, when they spotted an eagle, perched low on a tree on one side of the creek. It just sat and watched them.

The next day we went down the road to look for it. I spotted what seemed to be a log on a rock.

It was the eagle, quite small really and with dark feathers, well camouflaged.

When we approached it hopped away in an ungainly fashion and flapped its wings ineffectively. It must be injured we decided.

We rang Wild Life Aid and were helped by a lovely lady who searched out raptor experts. One was Ben from our local vet so I chatted to him and told him the location.

He came out and went to the site with my husband, Dave 1. They approached quietly and threw an old towel over it so they could handle it.

Off it went to the vet clinic at Satur, to be x-rayed.

Ben rang later to report that it had a chronic break in a joint and they were seeking advice from the Dubbo Zoo.

Sadly the advice was that it could not be mended and the mighty bird was euthanised.



We were reminded we had a happier tale from a few years ago.

Dave 2 found an eagle on the road on the way to work and lifted it into the back of his ute.

It sat there till lunch time, then we spotted it lifting its head up. It was very much alive! Then it hopped onto the tray and jumped down.

We caught it in an old towel and secured it in a box.

The Wires team came out and took the bird off for any treatment.

A few weeks later they rang to say the eagle was ready for release and asked where it had been found.

We drove down to Kars Springs Rd and with camera ready, watched it being released.

It soared into the sky and then to a nearby tree where we had often seen other eagles.

Now we see a pair in the sky checking out the paddocks below and circling back to their eerie.

It’s a great sight.