Enchanted Picture Books

I have been amassing some exquisite Picture Books this year, mainly for research, but accidentally for great joy and pleasure.

And at last I have used the Allen keys, followed the directions! and assembled a white shelf so that I can display some of the books that I treasure and cannot bear to part with.

I have bought many books this year and given many as presents to all my grandchildren and donated some to the school library.

I have read some stories aloud to my Writing group and shared a few stories at the Scone Literary festival.

Many of the wonderful authors I have connected with this year (mainly in Jen Storer’s FB group The Duck Pond) have written or illustrated books and I have followed these up too and added them to my collection: Jen Storer, Cate Whittle, Katrina McElvery, Sally Fawcett, Shannon Horsfall, Debra Tidball, and Renee Price amongst others.

Perusing my shelf I see that there is a significant representation of books published by the Indie publisher Enchanted Lion. This small company, based in Brooklyn USA only began publishing Picture books in 2004 but now they have an extensive list that is international, and the books are special and worthy.And while I always support Australian publishers and Australian authors, sometimes you have to just make a little bit of room for additional inspiration and enchantment.

‘big wolf and little wolf‘ is a case in point, a story about the suspicion of differences, the pain of loneliness and the ultimate joy of a simple friendship. The illustrations too are special, with a vivid palette and bold colours.Bertolt, by Jacques Goldstyn is a tiny book that explores mighty themes, of loss and sorrow as well as the healing power of a child’s imagination, all told with minimal text.Finally, ‘This is a poem that heals fish’ by Jean-Pierre Simeon is a larger format book that is funny and lyrical as a young boy goes in search of the definition of a poem. He asks his canary Aristophanes, who says,’ a poem is when words beat their wings. It is a song sung in a cage,’ and his grandma says. ‘ a poem turns words around, upside down and -suddenly- the world is new.’

Bless all the children’s authors and illustrators for such a magical, enchanted year.