Episode 2…Mustering

Today it’s mustering on foot…in Blunnies.

We are after some delinquent cows that we have spotted at the top of a hill, in an inaccessible area, except on foot.

We drive up the rocky track, park the ute and set off.

David walks below the hill and I skirt above him till we are able to spot them. Again I struggle through spiders’ webs and lethal thistles so I am covered in sticky threads and have small spiders crawling over my hat.

We find the 14 cows and one calf, in the furthest corner, near the neighbour’s gate, all resting in the shade of a tree.

From here we can look down to our house, cottage and sheds which seem very far away.

The cattle hear us and set off, we hope to the water trough.

We rejoin the ute and find the mob just leaving the trough and heading down the hill to a lower paddock.

David and I separate in strategic style; he drives and I stumble down the hill to another trough where we hope they will stop.

They hear me coming and head off.

I track them following the swathes they cut in the grasses and thistles and I am at least grateful for that.

Finally they head for the gate and into the paddock we were aiming for.

We do a count, shut the gates and drive home to have a shower and remove all the weeds, spiders, thistles and farmer’s friends that we’re covered in.

Life will be easier when we finally have the bikes back and operational again.

But it is great some days, to move slowly and to get a bird’s eye view of our land from above. It is truly magnificent country.