Hitting the Heights!

On the road again!

We head north trying to work out a strategy for our drought ravaged farm and animals.

Armidale is the first stop. It is in the New England Tablelands of NSW and as the sign proclaims,  is the highest city in Australia. And it may be one of the coldest as we can smell the aroma of wood smoke emanating from all the fireplaces. One old house we pass has three large tall brick chimneys indicating a fireplace in nearly every room.

We just have time to go to the well! I have found an art supply shop, Gallery 126, and I am able to buy some paper, ink and paints so that I can keep exploring the Sketchbook Revival course online. I could have voyaged along the aisles of this great shop for hours but we are off further north.

The road to Dorrigo has SLOW DOWN NOW signs and there are large mobs of cattle walking the long paddock. Some have been trucked from Tamworth so the dry is spreading its tentacles.


We travel along the delightfully named Waterfall Way and it seems that water is the central metaphor here. All the creeks and streams are flowing and in the paddocks the dams are full. It is like a foreign landscape. At one creek a man has his fishing gear out, planning to catch trout.

Travelling home it starts to rain near Armidale but by the time we reach the Liverpool Ranges, the sky is blue again. We travel back to our dull palate with images of lurid green imprinted in our heads.

We can just hope and try to plan.