I have been away from my farm and in the big smoke for a week.

I have a new appreciation of how my environment inspires my writing especially my Picture Books for kids.

I have missed the cows and seeing the new born spring calves gambolling around the paddocks.

I have missed seeing and hearing all the young cheeky magpies as they sneak into the chickens’ cage.

I have missed seeing the vibrant blue wrens hopping around my lavender which is buzzing with tiny native bees.


And I have missed my chickens.

Sadly just before I left, one of my Issa Browns died and her soul mate has been bereft. She has been sitting on my back door mat, alone.

So on my way home today, I stopped at a Farmer’s Warehouse and chose two new chickens. They rode in a box all the way home and I found myself chatting to them a bit like Pop in Sofie Laguna’s The Choke:’ Here chook chook; here Missy,’ he chanted and I chatted to my girls as well. ‘It’s OK girls. Won’t be long. Home soon,’ I say and I feel as though I have two small grandchildren in the back!

Hopefully the three chickens will settle and start laying warm brown eggs.

And I hope to be able to create more farm stories to add to ‘Kevin the Calf, Gus the Guinea Fowl and Bird Song.

Because I still have roos and wallabies, echidnas and eagles, lizards and snakes and turtles to add to stories!