Kissing a Frog

We are still struggling through a year long drought, that has impacted our land and our lives.

We have seen cattle die and the grasslands become wastelands of dirt and stones.

But from it all, I wrote a story from a child’s point of view and called it  ‘Kissing a Frog’; it has an element of fantasy, which is perhaps what we all need!

So thinking that maybe this story had legs and was a bit different, I sent it off, fingers crossed.

Then at the CBCA Anticipate, Appreciate and Applaud day I trawled though the bookshop exhibits and found a new release, ‘The Drought’ a beautiful picture book by two well known authors and illustrators, Jackie French and Bruce Whatley. My point of difference, apart from being Aspiring, is that we have black soil, not red and NO SHEEP!

Nothing new under the sun!!