Ladies Day Out

Today I dodged the jobs on the farm and had a ladies day out…in one of my favourite places, Haydon Hall in Murrurundi.

It was presented as part of a Rural Resilience programme run by the DPI’s Karen Souter.

I am usually a bit wary of team building and shared confessions but it was not like that…it was very friendly with a great sense of community even though we were from many different towns and areas.

The sense of connection deepened for me when I met Megan Trousdale who was going to be the presenter. She had inspired me 10 years ago to become a freelance journalist and she ran a memorable writing retreat at Nundle all those years ago.

She led the group through the art of gratitude journalling and recommended the podcasts of Kim Klassen. We were all given a beautiful small journal to begin writing in and mine was themed ‘Soulful’ which fitted perfectly into my yoga practice at Murrurundi every Friday morning with John West.

The final task was to create a clay object and to inscribe it with the words we had chosen as the ones that represented our foremost strength.

I chose Perseverance. And Brave.

It sums up my writing journey.