Making Hay

Making hay is a time honored enterprise in the country.

This basic rural activity has inspired artists like Millet, Van Gogh and Monet as they painted en plein air.

Millet painted ‘The Gleaners ‘in 1857, a scene with three peasant woman picking up stray pieces of hay.

Monet painted his haystack series from 1890-91 and Van Gogh created vibrant scenes of hay makers with weary workers sleeping against the stacks.

Hay making also features in literature, in the pastoral scenes from Thomas Hardy’s novels and in Tolstoy’s ‘Anna Karenina’.

Here in Australia and in the Upper Hunter Valley the paddocks are now full of round bales of hay,sitting in the sun waiting to be stored.

We will store our bales in our shed as an insurance against the next drought and we will be grateful not to have to buy bales from others,