Monday at Thistle Farm

The wind has dropped so we pull on beanies and coats and set off to move the weaners.

Dave’s two dogs are keen to work so they leap in and out of the side by side when ordered. They keep the cattle on the straight and narrow. Dave kindly opens the door for Gidgee while Wattle has more energy, and leaps into the back unaided. Maybe Dave will enter her in the high jump at the next Merriwa Show!

Dave 1 has opened all the gates along the road, so there are no problems.The cattle slide happily through the last gate and onto the luminous green paddock of oats.


Then it’s time to rattle up the hill to check the other Spring mob who are very pregnant. Most at just lolling about under trees and not as frisky as the youngsters we have just moved.

There are even some new born calves to be spotted. One near the trough is tiny and still wet. Mum keeps a close eye on it and after a rest she will move it to a warmer, less congested spot.

We check the tanks and troughs, though thank goodness, water is not a problem this season, as the creek is flowing with cool, clear water.

We return home to the cacophony of mobs of white cockatoos, corellas and galahs, all feasting on the left over hay in the now empty yards. That just leaves delivering hay to the lone bull and the partially blind heifer, who is doing a great job looking after her new calf. She is a survivor.

That sums up our day and life. Surviving all the slings and arrows and then enjoying the good times.