Morning Words

My Morning words on my morning walk.

Today my ageing kelpie, a working dog in lower caps, actually comes with me and walks gingerly along the unsealed road.

As we walk the ancient trees call to me although I have walked this way many, many times. I strain to look up to the top of the huge apple box and yellow box trees that line the road and in a gully, they overhang and create a canopy.

Here the smell of eucalyptus oil in the air is strong and I inhale, hoping it may remedy my persistent cough! The bark of the trees is so beautiful but I cannot capture it in a photo image; there are ripples and waves and patterns that are highlighted when it rains and the bark is wet.

A small mob of delinquent cows and calves are on the road and a young Wagyu steer poses for me under a tree.

Unfortunately the eucalypt smell is soon overtaken by the smell of dead flesh; shooters have been and in the paddocks are dead roos or foxes. Of course my faithful dog makes a beeline for the carcasses and we will have to avoid patting him till he has a wash.

The morning is perfect; blue skies, a faint breeze and hardly a fly.