Mustering in wellies

We set off to muster some delinquent weaners.

All our vehicles are in the shed awaiting repairs or parts from China….so we are down to the ute.

I pull on my Target special wellies as I am the chosen one, who will have to cross the creek which is deep in parts.

Of course all the animals are on the far side of the creek against the neighbour’s fence.

I spot a couple of very deep wombat burrows, one reason we do not drive quickly through the paddocks.

We also find an old fig tree by the creek. The cattle have nibbled the lower branches but the fruit up high is intact, but not ripe. Must remember to come back before the birds find it.

I stumble across the creek, up the hill and score a face full of spiders webs. They cling to my hair and tangle it in sticky knots. The saffron thistles are still lethal and I have to dodge the spikes.

I come in too close to the cattle and three bolt away in the other direction.

I push the remaining lot along the fence and across the creek.

I hope David has been spotting us and can get the gate open in time.

I coooeee loudly!

He has seen them and he gets them through the gate to join the others in the next paddock.

The escaped threesome will have to wait till tomorrow, when we will try again.

We might even have a bike going by then!.