Mustering the Bulls

The day is warming up. The young pups need a run so we set off in the finally repaired side by side, with the two pups in the back.

We have 7 bulls to move.

We have learned some hard lessons about bulls that fight, so we move them in small lots.

A group of 3 are in the shade of a tree and the pups leap out.

They push them through the grass and weeds which are so thick we lose sight of the dogs but they head them in the right direction and through the gate to the next paddock.

We return to collect another four and again the dogs move the bulls on quickly but they never know when to stop and won’t come when called,

They push one lot way to the back of the paddock and leave them in the shade of the trees.

The pups finally think the job is done and leap back into the bike.

We check the trough and that’s an opportunity to cool down, so the two pups leap in and have a swim.

We have to dodge them as they shake their coats and dry off.

We come home briefly for a cool drink and plan the next muster of the cows.

Mustering seems to be a familiar theme these days.