My Drought Diary

It’s Day 1085…though you really do not want to count.

We are nearly at the end of our third year and moving into a very hot summer again. And no rain since March this year.

We have 450 cows still here with calves at foot and we have been feeding them hay every day for quite a few weeks.

This week we are going to wean the bigger calves to take pressure off the cows.

Then we will have to get used to the routine of feeding the weaners in a special yard, twice a day with a special grain mix and hay.

Today we drove out with green feed and hay and we were nearly bowled over by the frantic cows; I stayed tucked up in the ute!

Then as we drove home I smelled something in the air and in the paddock I saw the white glow of blossom…the Angophora Floribundas have burst into flower, with no rain or water.

A bonanza for the bees!

A little bit of joy and beauty amongst the dust and stones.