My Year with Words

At the end of 2018 I set myself a challenge and chose some words to inspire me…the words were: Be Brave…take some risks.

So I did.

I wrote quite a few longer stories for kids to experiment and stretch myself,  and when an opportunity came I submitted them to various anthologies.

The first appeared in an anthology called It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the end of 2018  and my Yuletide tale was set very much in the Australian bush…in summer, in a drought. Proceeds from the sale of this anthology by #Share your Story went towards purchasing bicycles for trainee teachers in Tanzania.

Around the time of Halloween two more anthologies were published and three of my stories were included. One, titled ‘Noises in the Night’ appeared in Spooktacular Stories..thrilling tales for Brave kids and many of these books were distributed to sick kids in Australian hospitals.

A clever flip book was produced by Georgie Donaghey of Creative Kids Tales and two of my stories were included, one in each section, Things that go Bump and Enchanted.

Meanwhile I was writing re-writing and submitting Picture Books texts to a number of publishers and one caught the eye of Kathy Creamer. In May I signed a contract with Peter and Kathy Creamer of Little Pink Dog was as exciting as winning a golden ticket! I can’t wait to hold the book in my hand.

In November I entered a competition with the Scribbles Creative Writing Awards and my Junior Fiction story, The Bird, the Bear and the Book won a Highly Commended award.

By immersing myself in words and creating every day, I have built a protective haven for myself.

It’s a place to escape from the harsh reality of a three year long drought, away from the sight of desolate paddocks and dry creek beds.

The politicians think that our word for the year should be resilient.

I’m not sure.

We have lasted this long because we love the land and we are eternal optimists.

We know it will rain again.

And the land, the animals and the natural world still offer endless inspiration, even in these harsh and sunburnt times.

Now to consider a new word for 2020.