Number 361

I begin the day trying to write but then I am called to lend a hand.

Dave 2 is doing a check of all the paddocks.

Dave 1 and I rattle along the road and up the hill towing a trailer of green feed and a large bale of hay.

The cows are waiting for us and begin tossing out the barley biscuits.

We make a few drops then move to the crest of a hill.

We slice off the plastic then urge the heavy bale down the hill.

It smells so sweet and the cows chase it as it unrolls.

Number 361 comes up close and demands to be hand fed!

We check water and the new calves that are still close to their mother’s side, then head home.

Dave 2 is back. His dogs have cornered a large fox out in the paddock and dispatched her.

He also has a wet leg as he has carried a blind calf back and she has urinated all over him.

The two Daves treat its eye and gave some feed to the cow.

Then it’s time for lunch and The Country Hour on ABC radio.

Another day. Still waiting for rain.

So I add a page to my drought diary.