In these strange times, there are many changes.

I have been driving to Murrurundi for nearly 20 years for a yoga class…a 200kms round trip.

We have not missed many weeks over the years and we have been blessed to have a number of different teachers who have taken up the reins.

Our venue has moved from the old convent, to the RSL hall , to the Church hall and recently to the CWA hall.

Today with all the rules spelt out we went back to the church hall and our intrepid teacher John West arrived with his mop, disinfectant and spray to sterilise it all before we entered.

Our small group obeyed the distance rules and went through our routine of warrior poses, downward dogs, cat/cow and many balancing exercises.

After meditation, we sat in our circle and usually we all chant Ohmmmmm.

But no more.

Can’t expel that much air or breath so we just bowed and left

And John picked up his pile of cleaning things for another deep clean.