Not a blog about writing…but creating with fabric.

Many years ago I took up patchwork, creating blocks by hand, piecing them, binding then hand quilting.

It took a long time to complete each quilt but I was able to carry blocks around with me and keep sewing while waiting to pick up kids from sport etc.

My dear mother in law also took up the art in her retirement and made all the grand kids quilts, sewing by machine.

I treasure all these quilts and they provide great memories.

I recently visited an old friend who is an accomplished quilter.

She has her quilts everywhere, and the unfinished ones hang on a wall awaiting the final quilting.

So it inspired me to get all my quilts out of the drawer and display

I have some of them in an old boot rack in my home, which has a collection of shoe lasts on the top shelves.

But underneath I have folded many of my quilts, including an Amish design and one with appliqued wild flowers.

So as I stitch my words together and try to create a new manuscript, I think of those times and how patient and determined I was to complete the creation.

A good lesson in these busy times.