Paying attention in the silence.

I have just been listening to author Charlotte Wood talking on ABC radio.

She was considering the value of stillness, the ‘richness of silence’ and quiet especially for the creative soul.

This period of isolation is perfect for many to develop an inner life and to spend time observing and noting the things around them, especially in nature. Charlotte talked about paying attention which then determines how you will spend your day and ultimately your life. Or I guess you can walk in the bush with headphones on and the latest podcast playing. Or not.

Jen in her Scribbles Course, encourages us to stop and consider, to notice and also to write, using all our senses and play #thetodaygame.  As I walk each day, I try and write in my head, and watch, listen, smell, taste and feel.

Today I found a dying butterfly on my grass.

It was probably an ordinary kind but I could not help but marvel at the intricate white dots around the perimeter of its wings and the delicate palette of colour as orange is fringed by black ruffled edges.

This insect may be a metaphor for the transience of life but also an example of the perfection of natural beauty.

Step outside, then retreat inside.

In silence.