Rain Dance

Today on ‘The Country Hour’ on ABC radio, I heard some kids talking about the impact of drought.

They were from a small school in a small town called Caragabal, population about 200.

The school has just 35 kids and most are from rural families who have experienced the impact of drought in the last three years.

They had to feed lambs and calves before and after school and help out on the farm feeding cattle and sheep. They also had to watch their land die and their parents worry.

When the rain finally came, it all changed and they were able to feel joy and dance in the rain.

I realised last year, that these kids and younger ones had not had their story told.

So I wrote a Picture Book for kids 4-7 called ‘Rain Dance’. It was short listed in Jen Storer’s Scribbles Awards.

It is out there in the ether and I still hope that a publisher will find it worthwhile and tell the story of country kids’ resilience and strength.