Reading is my Secret Power…Book Week 2019

My closest town , Scone is a typical country town with too many pubs and too many empty shops.

But, despite the Upper Hunter Council’s mismanagement, we do still have a library, although much less space after the Council decided to sell off part of the building to an insurance company.

Nevertheless, groups of kids are drawn to the Scone Library in Book Week and they come from Family Day Care, Early Learning centres, Preschools and classes from some of the local schools. The little ones arrive hand in hand with their buddies and they all sit on the colourful mat ready for story time and some singing as well.

Some arrive in dress ups but few representing books. Spiderman is very popular and there are a few pretty unicorns.

I begin by reading Rainbow Bear, written and illustrated by Stephen Michael King. It provides great opportunity for some craft afterwards colouring in a white polar bear. Then we move to Here Comes Stink Bug, an Honour book in the CBCA Awards and written and illustrated by Tohby Riddle.It has just the right amount of humour for these kids.

The 3/4 year olds are treated to Noni the Pony rescues a Joey and these country kids are very familiar with the Australian animals that get a mention. The author/illustrator Alison Lester won the Book of the Year Early Childhood for another of her books,Tricksy’s Bad Day.

We finish with Heads and Tails by John Canty , that has great page turns as the kids try to guess the insects. My only reservation is that at the end. the author has an anteater appear to gobble up the ants. Why not an echidna?

Our time is up.

‘No more stories,’ demands one little boy at the front.

As they begin to leave, after politely thanking me, one by one they wander up and I get an impromptu hug from most of them and a few high fives from the boys.

I just hope they come back with their library card and borrow heaps and heaps of books to share with their families.