Sale time

As the drought continues to bite, we have to make some hard decisions.

We have little feed left in the paddocks and cannot continue to feed out hay and cotton seed. So a mob of cows have to go.

Their calves are in the yards and we are feeding them hay and pellets.

We muster the cows down from the hills and the young pup in training, decides that these cows are just too big and too fierce, so she is tied up by the fence. The yards are dry and dusty and it is 40 degrees again. The men’s faces and legs are painted with dirt, spit and other bodily fluids.

Two rigs arrive and we drive the cows down the race. They spatter muck all over us as they flick their tails.

The rigs drive off. Now these paddocks are bereft of any cattle at all.

We stagger home for cleansing showers and hope the next day will be cooler.