Sandy Hollow School NSW

Explorer Alan Cunningham passed along the Goulburn River and Halls Creek below Sandy Hollow in 1825. The town of Sandy Hollow,  is between two larger towns Merriwa and Denman. The bushranger Thunderbolt was active in the area in the 1860s and held up the Denman to Merriwa Mail in 1867.

The small rural school Sandy Hollow Public was originally the Giants Creek School with a requirement of 20 pupils in 1880. Many would have ridden their horse to school as shown in a photo in the foyer of the school office. In 1970 the school was relocated to a  new site on the Merriwa-Muswellbrook rd, a mile and a half from its original location and renamed.

Now this well maintained rural school on a large open block has only 22 students,  8 students in years 3,4,5,6 and 14 in Kindergarten, 1 and 2. But it is a small school with a lot of heart and the students are resilient, acting like a small family. The staff and Principal are determined to give the students opportunities to thrive and the Books in Homes presentation on Friday was an example of this.

With the support of the local horse stud Godolphin Woodlands, every child was able to choose 3 books courtesy of Books in Home, a charitable foundation that provides books of choice to children living in remote or disadvantaged circumstances. Students were presented with their books at a special assembly, run by the students.

I was delighted to attend as a Role Model and present the exciting bags filled with books, to every child and to see their happy faces.


Thanks for having me, Sandy Hollow School.