So You Want to be a Writer?

This could be subtitled ‘So You Want to be a Farmer?

Following are a few home truths in case farming life combined with a writing life, seems like a wonderful lifestyle.

Yesterday was spent managing a series of crises.

  • First was taking the Landcruiser to town,as someone who shall remain nameless. had smashed the back door and windscreen. The repairer’s yard was full of utes with fronts smashed in by roos who litter the road.
  • This left us with one ute and we just happened to notice that the back numberplate was missing; another trip to town to get new plates as the police are very picky about plates, even dirty ones.
  • back home to feed animals, with two of our offsiders away… gone fishing so its just Him and me.
  • First hay trip to the Spring cows out the back. Not a soul to be seen. They have broken back into another paddock as the trough is empty. An hour later the problem is discovered and we leave the hay in case they decide to return.
  • Second hay trip is no better. Overnight they have broken down the fence and are in four different paddocks,some even into the hallowed oats.
  • Neighbour rings to tell us that our cows 10kms away are walking the fence and looking dry. We drive over to find that the pump has not worked for 2 days and the tanks are empty. I walk the cattle back while Himself starts the pump and checks the trough. We will have to come back later to see if it is all OK.
  • On the way back home we see a mob of black and white dairy cattle near our oats; they belong next door but we have no time to move them.
  • We load the rubbish bins on the back of the ute to take to the village pick up and spot a small fox who has made a nest in the remaining hay bales. I decide to keep the chickens inside for a few days till he is dealt with.
  • I was going to spend some time writing but now the day has ended and the weighing we planned to do has been moved to the next day.
  • We see on the news that the PM has been touring drought areas but still no practical relief has been offered, so we carry on.
  • All I can say is that this life is like my writing life, a series of disappointments, small successes and then with resilience and perseverance I carry on,  because the inspiration and being part of the natural world has unparalleled compensations. This tranquil pond is a metaphor for my reflections and quiet contemplation amidst the drought and crises.