Sunday drive

Sunday morning and we are discombobulated!

Daylight saving somehow happened and all is out of kilter.

The regular magpie visitor has already pecked around the lawn at his 6am and the cows are bellowing.

We drive 10kms to Coulsons to feed 100 cows and calves. There are lots of new born calves that look very strong.

David shovels out piles of cotton seed and one cow pokes her head through my window, a face full of cotton seed and drool. Yuk.

We rumble down the hill to start the pump at the creek, but it needs priming and we don’t have the bluddy shifting spanner.

Our old dog Bundy contemplates the creek and its ripples and we watch as a couple of turtles flop off a log.

A lone black cormorant stands guard on the top of the submerged branch.

The dog luckily decides not to swim as I would have him pressed up against me all the way home.

We rattle back in time for Landline.