Surprised by Joy…the Joy of Jacarandas

Want to come to town with me? We need milk and fruit.

Leave the resident roo and the dog sleeping on the front lawn.

Husband is driving the seeder around and around the paddocks hoping for rain soon.

Off we go.


* First spotting…2 large Council bulldozers parked outside our gate.

* Joy oh joy…they have graded the bluddy road at last! All the corrugations are gone and it’s like a super highway!

*over the creek crossing; still some water in the creek and a mother duck is shepherding her ducklings into the reeds

*First road kill sighting…12 dead roos in all along the 45kms.

* and 2 dead wombats feet up in the air.

* Past the farmer with the central pivots and a lush paddock of very green lucerne(for the Scone horses)

*Town is quiet but the signs for the Scone Festival are hanging on the front of the corner pub.

*Breath taken away by the sight of the old jacarandas in the church yard, in full glorious bloom.

*In the supermarket, see familiar faces and one man I know, who looks very thin and unwell and I fear he may be dying; he has his young son with him, lifting the groceries and I see him flinch now and again and lean heavily on the trolley. Sad.

*Home to the dry brown grass and a few pathetic clouds.