Sweet !

Fires have been raging all along the north coast of NSW, from Taree to Coffs Harbour and beyond.

Wild life have been severely impacted, many properties burnt out and some lives have been  lost.

Beekeepers have seen their hives destroyed as well as the flowering plants and trees the bees rely on.

Up on the Dorrigo Plateau, we have been lucky as the fires skirted around.

As we were up checking cattle, a guy appeared at the door…Wayne a beekeeper wanting to leave some of his hives.

Apparently our Brown Barrel trees are about to bud and flower and the bees will go crazy.

We also have New England Blackbutt trees.

So of course we agreed and watch him set up the hives near a dam and check all the boxes for healthy queens.

He has promised us a few big jars of honey when it is harvested.