It’s World Bee Day

In 2019 fires raged all along the north coast of NSW, from Taree to Coffs Harbour and beyond.

Wild life were severely impacted, many properties burnt out and some lives were lost.

Beekeepers saw their hives destroyed as well as the flowering plants and trees the bees rely on.

Up on the Dorrigo Plateau, we were lucky as the fires skirted around.

While we were checking cattle, a guy appeared at the door…Wayne a beekeeper wanted to leave some of his hives.

Apparently our Brown Barrel trees were about to bud and flower and the bees would go crazy.

We also have New England Blackbutt trees.

So of course we agreed and watched him set up the hives near a dam and check all the boxes for healthy queens.

As the weather cooled, he moved on.

Life is hard for all the beekeepers as there is little for the bees to harvest anywhere.

Honey production is way down and many beekeepers are hand feeding sugar syrup to keep their bees alive over winter. If they can do this, then in August they will transport them south to aid in the pollination of many crops.

We rely on bees and other pollinators to produce more than 30%of the food we eat.

Don’t take them for granted.

Love the bees.

It’s World Bee Day.