The long road to the deep north

We are off to Roma. A trip to Italy would have been a nice break, but no, we had to head off to Roma Queensland, where we have 500 cattle agisted.

We pass through towns like Thallon with its woolly nosed wombat sculpture, painted silos and tiny jail near the police station. We wave to drovers with their mobs foraging in the dry grass and mulga. In Roma we check out all the mighty bottle trees then drive to the property. Our weaners may have to be shifted soon as Queensland too is in need of rain, so we have to work out another strategy. We head across country to Dorrigo, the land of perpetual water and instead of hitting roos on the road at dusk, we see huge cream dingos flying across the highway.

We hear on the radio as we travel, that 100% of NSW is in drought but the paperwork for assistance is daunting and the eligibility criteria is tough. We arrive home after 2000 kms and we are grateful that another load of hay has come as we still have 200 calves and cows to feed. It has rained since we left , and we are pathetically excited at the 13mm but it will take more than that to break this drought.