The Magnificent Tree

I have been trawling through the shelves of Picture Books at my local library, and then bringing some home for a closer look.

This one, ‘The Magnificent Tree’ had me hooked by the title and also by the collaboration of the author and illustrator.

Award winning author Nick Bland teamed up for the first time with the award wining illustrator Stephen Michael King (Scholastic 2012)

I love the selection of just two characters, a small girl and her Pop. They are both full of ideas, but Pop’s are big, brave and brilliant and Bonny’s are simple and clever.

The problem facing them is that birds do not stay around,  but fly over and over and away.They need a tree.

So Pop builds a magnificent structure using drills and saws and heaps of pulleys, switches and hooks.

Bonny plants a seed and waits till Spring.

Guess where the birds go?

This book has minimal text and I played with it seeing how much space the author left for his collaborator. Heaps!

I loved the theme of the balance of nature being restored by such a simple act of planting a seed. And I love that a child has the answer but that different generations can share and appreciate each other’s talents.