The Need for Feed

This drought has meant we have had to institute measures that are new to our operation.

We have never fed hay to our cattle before. We have never fed cotton seed. We have never fed pellets to weaned calves. And we have never had such huge feed and freight bills!

We have previously used our hydroponic shed to grow barley shoots and we fed out tonnes of it in November 2017 to fatten steers.( see bottom photo)

But this year it has been hard to find barley seed.

We did finally buy some black barley and began using it but it has been slow to germinate and grow.

We have persisted and the cows had the first taste today. They may have been blinded by the sight of such green feed!

Now we are very low on hay and awaiting deliveries of pellets and hopefully more cotton seed, as this drought still has a way to go.