Tree Day

Today is Schools Tree Day and the 29th July is National Tree Day.

Trees have always been important in my life. As a child I climbed the eucalyptus trees in our bush backyard and later when I executed a tree change as an adult, I found myself surrounded by ancient angophoras which speak to me as I walk under their branches.

Today in my local town I stood near a huge camphor laurel tree outside the Post Office and it was abuzz with bees, in the middle of winter. Trees are great indicators of climate issues and during this drought, many European trees have died while others like Silky Oaks have succumbed to dry feet near the empty creek beds.

While visiting Prague last year we walked in the Royal Gardens where trees are treasured and revered, and these trees as well as my Australian trees, inspired a children’s Picture Book story called ‘Bird Song.’

Here is an excerpt:

Birds nest in all the trees and when I climb I hear their song.

Each tree has a different song and the birds chorus to each other across the forest.           

My favourite tree is Number Four, The Horse Chestnut, which is very old and has sturdy branches. I can climb it easily.

There is a hollow in the Chestnut tree where I keep my precious books and a bag of seeds my Grandfather left me.

I nestle into the foliage and turn the pages.