Warrah Writers

We met this week after a bit of a break.

I rattled along the gravel road with its corrugations like sheets of ripple iron, dodging miscellaneous roos and wallabies (no deer today), over the Range and down to the valley that is a patchwork of brown and green. The dark red sorghum is just being harvested but I was able to catch one image of a paddock near the road, while dust rose from the harvester beyond.

As I drove across the Warrah Creek crossing, I smiled at the sign that read ‘Road subject to FLOODING. Indicators show depth’; the creek bed is just a rabble of stones and logs though the farmers on this side have had some rain lately.

We wrote about the landscape around us; in the distance the geometry of the rounded hills and jagged peaks of the Great Dividing Range, and closer to the hall, the gnarled and twisted ancient apple box trees with their pleated and rippled bark. We noted the lopsided old outside dunny that is a feature of the ground in front of the hall and the River Red gum planted in memory of a past member of the Warrah Writer’s group.

Some wrote about the photos on the walls, the ladies tennis group from the 1930s and the Men’s Cricket team from 1961. The hall has seen many events, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, concerts and bush dances and our writing group has been meeting here for 16 years. Our resident poet Rick Wright had written about his memories of old halls and today he hung a framed copy of his poem on the wall.

The hall itself will celebrate 100 years soon so we are planning to create a written record for the event. That is after we have published our third anthology of prose and poems from the group!