I think I have found the symbol for the New Year…2021

It must be water.

The life giver, a symbol of wisdom, power and grace.

It heals, cleanses and renews.

As we recover from a long drought, it is water that has lifted our spirits.

Our land is green and lush; the creeks are flowing and the dams are full.

As we drive along the appropriately named Waterfall Way on the Dorrigo Plateau, we discover the power and beauty of water.

On a rainforest track in the Dorrigo National Park , we discover two falls that have been boosted by recent rain. At the Crystal Shower Falls, we can walk behind the sheets of water and peer through the curtain.

Then not far away, we head down the hill to the base of the Dangar Falls, which are truly roaring.

One of our group is brave enough to swim out, then disappear behind the falls, to emerge again, thoroughly cleansed!

The whole of the Dorrigo Plateau is awash and the road down to the coast was closed in the midst of a downpour as the Newell Falls swamped the road.

All the creeks fed by springs are gurgling with their own versions of smaller cascades and offer a playground for all the kids to explore.

It has its own magic…simply water.