Wine and Cheese

My blog focus has changed in these ‘unprecedented times’.

We have been isolating since March 5th, because as the kids remind us, we are in the vulnerable age group.

This is fine as we have been living isolated for many years and hardly see a soul or a vehicle.

But it’s the supplies that are a problem. No kids nearby to do a drop off and no luck with any online service. Not even Dans.

We live too far away.

Meat and milk has been frozen as well as bread and we have one chook.

But we have run out of grog!

So we dust off some of old bottles in our cellar and de cork a few.

We were keeping them for the kids but…desperate times!

We quaff a few with dates from the 80s and 90s and feel a bit guilty.

But then having developed a new pattern of writing letters and ringing old, old friends I re-establish contact with one who has fine tastes.

Today in my mail box is an Express Post parcel containing 5 Swiss cheeses with great names like Wilde Childe. Perfect! Thank you Liz!!

We can save some of the vintage wine and head for the cask wine which will taste so much better with fine cheese.

So damn you Dan Murphy for not trying harder. We can do without you.

For a bit longer till we are released.